The Blacklist: Conspiracy

I am both an avid mystery fan and James Spader fan, so working on The Blacklist: Conspiracy was a fairly perfect fit for me as a writer. I was the narrative design lead on this project and responsible for every aspect of the script. It was a particularly exciting assignment because I worked with the Game Designers to build each case in the game from the ground up. I would pitch them on a scenario, characters, locations, and evidence-types, and once we had collaborated to lock those pieces into place I would then write the script. After completing a draft of the script with our in-house team, I would then collaborate on it with one of the show writers to finalize it.

One of the challenging pieces of this project was that it was set in the same timeline as the show so there were many details we had to work with to ensure that the game never conflicted with the work that was being done for the show. Ultimately, I think we were very successful in creating new and original storylines that still felt like they could have occurred within the timeline of the show.

One of my personal favorite cases that I wrote was Case #11 – The Talent Agent. The premise for this case is that the FBI raids an abandoned factory in California that they suspect to have been a hub for human trafficking. During the raid, they discover a girl called Fiona Winters, who is otherwise known to the public as – The Teenage Terrorist. Fiona was infamous on the Internet for being an extremist who fled the country to become a terrorist. However, it now appears that she never actually left the country and Reddington believes that she may have been captured by The Talent Agent and used for a purpose he does not yet know.

This case is one of my favorites because it initially presents itself as a very ripped-from-the-headlines story about teenagers being converted into extremists over the Internet, but it has many twists and turns and nothing is as it seems. I think it fit the brand really well and it also was just an exciting and interesting mystery story for players to investigate.

Here is a link to a playthrough of that case: The Blacklist: Conspiracy