Paddington Run

Prior to starting on this project I was not very familiar with the Paddington brand, but by the end of it I considered myself a die-hard Paddington fan for life. The world of Paddington is so incredibly charming. It was a delight to see it come to life in the Paddington films that came out around the time of this game, and then work to channel that same charm into the game.

I was the narrative design lead on this project and responsible for the script as well as the VO script for the game. I like to say that I used the word “marmalade” more times in that script than I’ve ever had the chance to eat it.

Our goal with the VO for this game was to make it feel like it was a storybook being read to you by a narrator. I think that was excellently executed by the voice actor we got to VO the game.

Here is a link to a playthrough showing that work: Paddington Run